Shah Rukh wants to divert attention from ‘Zero’, so the shooting of the biopic started three months ago!

Shah Rukh Khan will soon start shooting a good photo of astronaut Rakesh Sharma’s biopic Sara Jahan.
Shah Rukh wants to divert attention from 'Zero', so the shooting of the biopic started three months ago!

Mumbai Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Zero’ has done a very disappointing business at the box office. Perhaps out of this failure, Shah Rukh has decided to start shooting for his next film ahead of time. Let me tell you, King Khan will be seen in astronaut Rakesh Sharma’s biopic ‘Sare Jahan Se Bhalo’. King Khan’s last few pictures were easy, so ‘Sare Jahan Se Bhalo’ will be a big challenge for him.

Shooting was scheduled to begin in May

According to a report in Mid-Day, the shooting of this film was supposed to start in May 2019, but now Shah Rukh wants the shooting of this film to start from February. Let me tell you, Aamir Khan was offered this picture before, but he didn’t get it. Aamir Khan phoned Shah Rukh Khan and told him about the film, after which Shah Rukh became interested in the film and signed a contract for the film.

So the shooting is starting in February

According to sources, Rakesh’s biopic will be a big budget film. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan has to wear heavy clothes like an astronaut, which will become very difficult and troublesome in the summer months. So the film’s producers Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan have decided to start shooting this film together in February instead of May. However, some are also saying that Shah Rukh wants to divert attention from his poor performance in ‘Zero’ so he wants to shoot the film in February.

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King Khan said ‘thank you’ to Aamir Khan

In a conversation with a media group, Shah Rukh said, ‘Aamir Khan was offered this biopic before me, but for some reason he could not do this film. After that Aamir called me and told me about this character. He thinks this character will fit my personality. I would like to thank Aamir for making me worthy of this picture. King Khan added, “Whenever I get a chance, I will spend time with astronaut Rakesh Sharma.”

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