Shah Rukh Khan – Anjum shocked by ‘Zero’ flop

Shah Rukh Khan released Rakesh Sharma’s biopic.
Shah Rukh Khan - Anjum shocked by 'Zero' flop

‘Zero’ starring Shah Rukh Khan’s Anand El Rai has flopped. This flop has a profound effect on the superstar. This is what the famous screenwriter Anjum Rajabali (Rajab Ali) said. They believe that Shah Rukh Khan also worked hard for the film but still could not meet the expectations. According to him, Shah Rukh Khan was probably shocked by it, so he refused to work on Rakesh Sharma’s biopic.

At the ongoing FICCI Frame Seminar in Mumbai, when Anjum was asked if the reason for leaving ‘Sare Jahan Se Bhalo’ was that the film Zero also had a space theme and the film flop, he said that he was hurt. He held out his hand. I think Shah Rukh Khan Sara Jahan didn’t leave that good one because there was a story about a place in that movie too. Maybe he was a bit shaky when Zero didn’t do well at the box office. Very confident in the success of the film.

He said that if the script of the film is not written well, no matter how good the direction and performance, it will not reach the hearts of the people. There could be many reasons behind the flop of Zero. Don’t want to see Zero has played the role of King Khan. He said that Zero’s writer Himanshu Sharma is very talented but sometimes something goes wrong. To be exact.

Let us know that Anjum wrote the screenplay for Mahesh Mathai’s ‘Sare Jahan Se Bhalo’ and it is said that Vicky Kaushal will play the lead role in this movie.

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