Sex education: The common mistakes that men make during sex

Sex education: The common mistakes that men make during sex

MUMBAI: Most men think their sex life is perfect and there are no problems or issues with it. According to the survey, most men are not as good as they think they are. Even men inadvertently make mistakes during basic sex, which turns off the partner’s mood. Find out in this article about the mistakes men make during sex. In this article, we will also tell you in detail about the mistakes that you make unknowingly during sex.

Most men are silent during sex
Men have a habit of keeping quiet during sex. Talking dirty with your partner is very important for good sex. Share your experience with them. It feels good to have a female partner. If you want a healthy sex life, it is important to talk to your partner as much as possible before sex, so that during the conversation you can know what is new in sex?

Do not enjoy the foreplay
Foreplay is very important for sex. It helps to reach orgasm. Men are often in the habit of rushing into sex. Where women want their partner to spend more time in foreplay during sex. Kissing women before sexual intercourse, touching different parts of their body makes them crazy. However, men do not show much interest in foreplay. This frustrates his partner. Therefore, enjoy foreplay as much as possible and prepare your partner for a good sex.

Too worried for G-Spot
Do not try to hit the G-spot during sex. Just remember the same thing at that time, the more you enjoy the loving moments with your partner, the happier they will be. Get rid of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorgasm and G-spot and focus only on the existing moments.

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Do not try to know the desire of women
Most women complain that their husbands start having sex without knowing their wishes. Whether a woman’s mind is for sex or not is not up to them, which is wrong. Men should know their partner’s desire before having sex and then start having sex. At the same time, many women complain that their husbands force them to have sex. Which is not correct. The female partner should not feel that you are forcing them. If you do something similar, don’t do it. As important as your desire for sex is, so important is the desire for a female partner.

Ignore the clitoris
In these special moments, the female partner likes it if her male partner pays attention to her clitoris. You should not ignore it. More women enjoy clitoral stimulation than penetration. Just remember that the clitoris is a very sensitive part, so use it gently.

Mistakes Men Make During Sex-
Men often make mistakes during sex that they do not know. Below we are going to talk about the mistakes that men make during sex.
Learn about these mistakes:
– Many women feel uncomfortable in oral sex which is an important part of sexual intercourse. So don’t create pressure for oral sex.

– Women do not like to sleep or get out of bed immediately after sexual intercourse. She always wants you to talk to her for a while.

– Some men think that the more rude they are during sex, the more their female partner will enjoy it. Sometimes it can make them feel good, but not often. So ask their likes / dislikes before sex.

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– If you want your sexual partner to be happy with you, then you should take care of their whole body during sex. In addition to the neck and thighs, there are many other body parts that bring their happiness to the highest level.

– Sex is not only a means of physical intimacy, but also a means of emotional and emotional connection with the partner. Men are more experimental than women when it comes to sex, which is why men also make mistakes during sex. It is important to know their interest in making your partner happy.

Hopefully you have learned about the mistakes that men often make when having sex in our article and you will avoid repeating these mistakes next time. Hope you like this article.

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