Sex Education: Super Sex Tips for 'First Night' so you don't have to worry about performance

Sex Education: Super Sex Tips for ‘First Night’ so you don’t have to worry about performance

Mumbai: On the first night, people have many beautiful dreams. Everyone feels excited thinking about the first night. But there are some people who have doubts and fears. There is nothing wrong with that. This is perfectly normal.

When someone mentions honeymoon, only sex comes to mind. But if a couple can’t have sex in the right way, they feel they are lacking, which is the case with many couples. Sexuality is an art, which is learned through style. So do not take stress.

Here are some super sex tips related to this, so that your sex life is super romantic.

– Most of the day couples get tired due to wedding rituals. They can’t have sex properly on their first night. It happened to you, so don’t rush for it. Get rid of fatigue, get plenty of sleep and wake up in the morning to soak your partner in love.

– If you want to make the first night romantic, you have to flirt a little on the wedding day. Tease each other, talk in gestures and see how your mood is set.

– Don’t think that the first night, only your wish will work. Learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes and pay attention to him or her. Remember, the foundation of a happy married life lies in the first night, so do not let your partner feel that you are imposing your feelings on them.

– If you read some sex books before the first night, you will get a lot of good ideas to make your partner happy. But don’t read any sex book, buy a good book from a bookstore and understand.

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– Talk to each other as soon as you get to bed without expecting anything in return. Talk about each other’s thoughts about the first night.

– You can try sexy underwear to impress your partner. Very sexy lingerie is available in the market now. You can use these to surprise your partner.

– Especially women need to relax. She may not even think about sex in a situation where she has a lot of feelings between the new place and the new person, but if you relax you will feel better and respond better to your partner.

– If you imagine Bollywood movies like First Night, you will disappoint your partner too. Don’t force yourself to have a perfect sex. Just touch your partner with love, he will be happy.

– Uncomfortable to have sex for the first time, so keep with lubricant. This will help you build a relationship.

– If you expect orgasm at first, it may not be. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy sex. The joy of finding a mate is evident in the faces of couples. So remove the orgasm from the mind and focus only on the partner.

– Whether you have sex on the first night or not, this is your first night that both of you will never forget. So smile, smile and make each other yours for life.

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