Salman Khan has changed his name to ‘Love Night’ due to all fears.

The Muzaffarpur court also directed to register an FIR against Salman Khan and the cast of the film.
Salman Khan has changed his name to 'Love Night' due to all fears.

Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Ayush Sharma’s first film ‘Love Night’ has been renamed. The decision was taken amid fears of controversy over the title. Salman shared the name change information on Twitter.

In fact, some people objected to the title ‘Lavratri’. The Navratri festival plays an important role in the story of the film. The main characters first meet while playing dandiya during this festival and this is where the love journey begins.

In May, an organization issued a warning that if the image had the same name, it would not be allowed to be shown, as it would tarnish the name of a Hindu festival. Apart from this, an organization had applied to the Gujarat High Court on Friday to ban the release of the film. It was claimed that it would hurt the religious feelings of a large number of people. Voices of protest were coming from some other parts of the country.

According to reports, the Muzaffarpur court has also directed to register an FIR against Salman Khan and the cast of the film. It is believed that the producers changed the name of the film from ‘Love Night’ to ‘Love Passenger’ to avoid controversy. On Tuesday night, Salman shared a new poster on Twitter with information about this – it is not a spelling mistake.

When Salman was asked about this during the launch of ‘Bigg Boss 12’, he said that some people have some problems with the title. This is a beautiful title. There is nothing more beautiful than love, hence the name Lavratri. It is not to belittle any culture. Our Prime Minister comes from that culture. So when you play a character like Sardar or Haryanvi in ​​Sultan, I play it with a lot of respect. We have made a film in the context of Navratri. We created this beautiful image to celebrate the festive season with songs, colors and love. We do not need such propaganda. As soon as the film is released, people will know that there is nothing in it.

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Salman further said that he is sure that the Central Board of Film Certification will pass the film with U certificate. The censor board is the appropriate body to take a decision in this regard. I’m sure they’ll give it a U certificate. And if the censor board has given the certificate then I don’t think anyone should say anything. But now it seems that the team has decided to play a safe game to avoid unnecessary controversy.

‘Lavayatri’ will be released on October 5 in Gujarat. It is directed by newcomer Aviraj Minawala, while Salman Khan has produced the film. Warina Hussain is making her Bollywood debut through AYUSH.

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