Without policy, power becomes a disorder. We can see that Russia has just invaded Ukraine. It is being opposed but no one is willing to go to Ukraine and stop Russia because Russia has the power and it threatens. RSS chief Mohan Bhagat said this in Nagpur, Maharashtra. “This war has added to the security and economic problems for countries like ours,” he said. We have to strengthen our efforts, and we have to be strong. If India had so much power in its hands, such an incident would not have come before the world. The intentions of those who are protesting are not good either.

They are supplying arms to Ukraine, at a time when Western nations are pitting India and Pakistan against each other and testing their ammunition. Something similar is happening here. India is telling the truth but it has to adopt a balanced attitude. Fortunately, he has adopted a balanced approach. He did not support the attack or oppose Russia.

It has not helped Ukraine in the war, but it is providing them with all other assistance. He is constantly calling for talks with Russia. If the Indians were strong enough they would stop the war but they can’t – its power is still growing, but it is not absolute.

Do we want to be ‘world champions’? No, we have no such desire. We don’t want anyone to win. We all have to connect. The Sangh also works to unite all, not to win. India exists not to conquer anyone but to unite all. He can see something in this war.

At the same time, the Sangh chief also made a statement on the Gyanwapi issue. It is said that there is a history which we cannot change. It was not made by today’s Hindus nor by today’s Muslims, it happened then. Islam came from outside through invaders. In these attacks, shrines were demolished to discourage Indian freedom fighters. “If there is a problem in mind, they get up,” he said. This is not against anyone. Don’t think so. Muslims should not believe this and neither should Hindus. If so, find a way out by mutual consent.