Rules were set for the shooting of ‘Wife’, perfume was banned and one had to stay in the herd.

The director decided to shoot in a haunted location.
Rules were set for the shooting of 'Wife', perfume was banned and one had to stay in the herd.

Director Amar Kaushik is bringing an important topic related to women through his horror comedy ‘Stri’. This is Amar’s first Hindi feature film.

Earlier, his short film “Aba” has garnered much success and acclaim at about 35 world-class film festivals. He has been associated with Prince Gupta and Onir as an assistant director in several films.

Amar, who has a special connection with the city of Kanpur, says there are thousands of stories in small towns that can be turned into stories on the big screen. The story of the woman revolves around Chanderi.

“It’s not just a horror comedy,” Amar said. The picture is not just for fun. There are many levels in it, which you can understand by looking at the picture, we have put the female name in it. “I did not want to comment further on this film,” he said. It’s not the story of an urban legend, there are many, but we picked up the one that was south. When you go to North India, there is a sign outside every house, so we picked up that idea, then people in small towns say don’t look back, we took it from there. Amar said that it was not said that the people would suffer in the promotion of this film, there are big and special reasons behind it. A very important point is being said in the film from a woman’s point of view. Usually in small towns it is said that girls will not go out at night, boys will pick them up. We made a complete twist in this picture that there are four days where men don’t have to go out because women are safe there but men are not.

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“I didn’t believe it so much,” Amar said. There are some things that science clearly says can’t happen. But I saw something during the shooting of this photo. I have always worked on films that have always been shot in real locations. So we decided that what we really needed to do was learn how to do it right. There were some places where shooting had to be done at night. But the people there reject it. Those people said there is something here. But when we went to do Reiki, none of the locals came. There was a forest and there was a path. But when we were shooting, there was no one ever vomiting, sometimes something, sometimes the still camera was not working. Focus does not come. The incident happened with about ten people there. Although we did shoot there again. So sometimes such things are believed, sometimes it seems that there must be some scientific thing behind everything. Amar said, “During the shooting, we made some rules that don’t spray perfume, stay tuned, we tried to follow all these.”

Amar said, I have worked with everyone from Prince Gupta to Onir, Raj DK. I have been associated with the prince and the picture of Amir. They have an effect on me. But I will have my own movie. You can learn a lot from them. But do not imitate them. I also want to move forward with my experience. “I tried to tell a different kind of story like my own,” said Amar. Now let’s see what happens next.

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Amar says that Prince Rao is an actor who is like water, he can mold in any shape. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. He is the best player of the team. When I asked him to be a tailor in this picture, he said, send me the machine to my house, I will learn. Even when asked to work on Dixon, they agreed. You get inspiration from them and you get full charge. Not that I was the director for the first time, so he didn’t pay attention. He was paying full attention. Amar says that ever since I thought I would do a picture, I have thought of working with Prince Rao. Talking about his experience of working with Shraddha Kapoor, Amar said, “Shraddha’s name was on my head. But I wondered if he would agree because I am a director for the first time. “I also wanted a name like hers that would fit the character of the small town. I came from Kanpur so I know what kind of girl there is. I have an innocent Bhola.

Amar said, “It has also become the USP of our photo that people will get a chance to see the juggling of the two.” A hint was found in the trailer. There is a chemistry between the two. Before we got to the set we lived in a guest house, where everyone lived with each other. When it was cold, everyone would light a fire and eat. We had a bond.

“My career started with TV,” said Amar. Born in Delhi, Amar has spent a long time in Kanpur. After passing science, everyone at home said I wanted to be an engineer. But I didn’t say, I didn’t want it to be. I said I wanted to join the Air Force. But then I said no, I want to make a movie. I have been a movie lover from the beginning. I would watch any movie on Friday. I loved that world. People around me called me a hero. At that time I was doing a journalism course from Delhi. I came to Mumbai. My friend lived in Thane. He told me that there are many studios in Andheri. I went to Andheri East. I came in 2006. Went there to Sagar Studio. Somehow I got inside and saw the monkey army running. When I woke up, I realized that it was a studio of Ramayana. There I meet a girl and she asks to join the show. So I joined there. In this series, I had to associate with Prince Gupta and then I got involved with people. Grow with experience. Amar says that a picture is going to be made with John and Prince Gupta. But then it didn’t work.

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