Romantic Dating Ideas For Your Lover

A woman’s ancestry plays a small part in what all ladies have in common – love for romance. Russian women may be the ones who see it the least, but they can certainly appreciate it the most. Whether you’re dating online and thousands of miles apart, meeting for the first time, or already planning your life together, doing something special for your loved one will make her fall in love with you all over again.

Romantic Dating Ideas For Your Lover

While online dating

It can be hard to bring romance into your wife’s life every day when you’re halfway across the world; however, it is not hopeless. Many dating agencies and independent businesses offer gift and flower delivery services, but you can also find ways to make your own.

  • If you want to surprise and impress your Russian wife, write her a poem, or even a sweet letter telling her why you love her so much. This simple gesture will undoubtedly touch her heart.
  • Have a photo specialist assemble separate photos of you and your loved one into one romantic collage – what better way to make the both of you crave a face-to-face meeting and spark the desire to see each other as soon as possible?
  • If you see something beautiful (eg a beautiful sunset, a scenic view, etc.) – take a picture of it to send to your Russian lady. This way you can let her know that you miss her, and she, in turn, will feel like she shares a part of your life, even from a great distance.
  • If you think that fate has robbed you of being romantic, you can always settle for the gifts, already selected and offered by the online dating agencies or gift agencies. Flowers, stuffed animals, a bottle of wine, a box of candy or jewelry – these are just a few options available to give through the gift services.
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Once you meet

  • There’s no need to pack a suitcase full of gear (unless you want to, of course!) for your first appointment. However, it is advisable to bring something special with you for your first meeting. It will be more memorable, if it is something from your own country, or – if you have become very close during your correspondence – something of yours, to share a part of yourself with her.
  • Of course, your first meeting should be memorable, and it’s just good manners not to come up empty-handed. Even if you didn’t bring her anything from home, you can always correct the situation with flowers, a box of candy or a bottle of wine. But if you really want to make it unforgettable – make is a little unique: a custom flower arrangement, special packaging, etc.
  • If your meeting was successful and you have decided to continue your relationship, you should consider leaving something special for your Russian lover before leaving the country. It could be a picture of the two of you, something special that she will remind you of, or just something sweet that you know she would like.

Once she has traveled to your country

  • There may come a time when your Russian lady gets homesick. It would be a great idea to take her somewhere where she would feel at home. Taking her to a Russian restaurant (or something with a similar cuisine) is a great idea.
  • Organize a romantic picnic or prepare a home-cooked dinner for her. It will be a pleasant alternative to eating out regularly, and it will show your Russian bride or wife that you have gone the extra mile for her – every woman will appreciate such a gesture.
  • Many Russian women enjoy or love art. Taking your wife to the theater, an exhibition, or other art event can be a great way to spend a day together. Combine that with a nice lunch in a quiet cafe and you are guaranteed a perfect date.
  • For a really romantic evening, light lots of candles (but be careful when selecting a scent – anything too strong might not be nice), use some flowers or petals to cover your bedroom floor, or even add a prayed. Don’t forget to turn off the phones so that your conversation and time together are not interrupted.
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Note: If your loved one has children or lives with her family, don’t forget to treat them to something sweet and special every now and then. They don’t have to be big gifts, but remembering her family, their birthdays or other personal calendar dates will speak louder than words and show your Russian lady that you have serious intentions.

Whatever the reason, or the occasion to give a present or surprise your Russian lover, make sure it comes straight from your heart and that you give it with pleasure – your lady will feel it and it will not go unnoticed stay.