Revealed! The actress has been trying to get pregnant for 5 years

Mumbai – Payal Rohatgi has revealed the biggest secret related to his personal life in the reality show Lock Up. Payal said she could never be a mother. Not only that, for this reason he and Sangram Singh did not get married today. Payal also said that when she took refuge in surrogacy, the doctor rejected her because she was not married.

Payal told her co-contestant Saisha, ‘I’m not getting married because I’m trying to have a child but, I can’t. We have been trying for the last five-seven years but to no avail. I told Sangram to marry a girl who could give him children. I always told her because I can’t give her children. I did not freeze my eggs. I tell girls to freeze their eggs because of their career.

“We were also thinking about adoption or surrogacy,” he said. According to the actress, ‘Sangram always tells me that she wants a child like me, but I can’t give it to her. I want to adopt a child. But, it requires a marriage certificate because, the doctor told me you are married, bring the paper, not live in, you need a marriage certificate. They want marriage on paper. Earlier, Payal said in front of the camera that he had resorted to IVFO but it did not work out.

In addition, Payal further stated that he and Sangram had decided that he and Sangram would get married once the child was born. We tell you that Sangram Singh came on the lock up show recently. At this time he also proposed marriage to Payal Rohatgi.

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