Replace your toothbrush as soon as you recover from corona! Because the expert said

New Delhi – Corona virus outbreak continues across the country. The whole country is suffering from this. Thousands of deaths occur every day. More than four lakh new cases are coming. In the last 24 hours, 4,01,078 new coronavirus cases have been found in the country and 4,187 people have died in corona. In fact, some studies have shown that a person who recovers from the corona virus may be re-infected. In this case, experts suggest that any coronavirus patient should change their toothbrush as soon as they recover.

Dr Pravesh Mehra, HOD, Dental Surgery, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, said, “Patients recovering from corona virus infection should change their toothbrush as soon as they recover. By doing this, not only will one patient be able to avoid re-infection, the rest of the family will also be safe to use the patient’s bathroom.

Dr Bhumika Madan said, “We are advising patients who have recovered from corona virus to change their toothbrush 20 days after showing symptoms of covid. This is because the presence of the virus in the toothbrush causes infection of the upper respiratory tract over time. “To prevent infection, we recommend mouthwash and betadine gargle to reduce the risk of having any viruses or bacteria inside the mouth.” If you do not have a mouthwash, gargling with salt in hot water is also very helpful. In addition, brushing should be done twice a day to protect the face in general.

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