Ranbir Singh’s new picture to be announced in Gujarati and will be titled ‘Joyeshbhai Jordar’

Such a big banner has given a chance to a brand new and young director, because of his screenplay.
Ranbir Singh's new picture to be announced in Gujarati and will be titled 'Joyeshbhai Jordar'

Ranbir Singh’s new film has been announced. Ranbir is working once under the banner of ‘Yash Raj’. In this context, he will direct that the director has not done any film yet, he is Divyang Thakkar. The name of this film will be ‘Jayeshbhai Zardar’. Ranbir will play the role of Gujarati.

The producer will be Manish Sharma, who has made several films for the banner, including ‘Fan’. Manish discovers Divyang and believes that he is an amazing screenwriter. Manish explains, ‘Dibang’s screenplay is a perfect example of how to convey a message in a fun way. Dibang writes well and he will manage it. It will be fun to work with Ranbir after almost ten years. The image will be based entirely on its own content.

Ranbir talks about this ‘Kismat Wala Raha Hoon’ who has worked with renowned filmmakers of the country. I am equally excited to work with new talent. The name of the movie that will be released after ’83 is ‘Joyeshbhai Zardar’. This is the story of a big man. It will be for every human being. I would say this script is a miracle.

We tell you that the release date of this photo has not been set yet but it is believed that it could be released early next year. Work will begin in October.

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