Jodhpur, 6 June. There was an uproar in Loh Jihad in Sarwhi district of Jodhpur division, after which a one-day Sarwhi bandh was called to demand justice, which was effective. The SP assured the victim’s father of a four-point demand for justice. In Hala Bol, various organizations staged a sit-in protest against jihad. After which various organizations formed a team of 12 members and met SP Dharmendra Singh Yadav of Sarwahi and demanded justice from the SP regarding their four point demands. He demanded that an officer from outside the survey be given the responsibility of investigating the whole incident.

Police will file a petition in the court tomorrow for the return of the victim girl and her family. Currently, the girl has given her statement to the police as she is an adult and has volunteered to be in a relationship with the boy. But at the request of Hindu social organizations and the victim’s father, the superintendent of police in Sarwahi has assured a fair investigation.

That’s the whole point

The girl, who had come from Shivganj Tehsil of Sarwhi to take exams in Sarwhi district headquarters, escaped with a youth from a certain community. The family registered a case of missing girl at Kotwali police station on May 27. On June 3, Jodhpur police rescued the girl. The girl along with the young man told the female police station survey that I am an adult and I have been in a relationship with a boy from a certain community for the last 3 to 4 years after which I have been living. With this guy of my own choosing. The police informed the family members about this statement but the family members made serious allegations against the police. It is alleged that the police did not take the statement of the girl in front of the family members. After that, the issue was taken seriously in various organizations of the Sarva Hindu Samaj and it was called Lo Jihad.