Prophet’s remarks: Terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has threatened to attack India over comments made about the Prophet of Islam. The terrorist organization has threatened to carry out bomb blasts in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Delhi.

The terrorist organization has tried to provoke Muslims by issuing threatening statements. “By tying explosives on our bodies and the bodies of our children, we will blow up those who insult our prophet,” the statement said. Al-Qaeda has also said that Hindutva terrorists occupy India. This statement of Al-Qaeda has been shared by some users of internet media.

The Holy Prophet stated the controversy.

Let me tell you that while taking action in the whole matter, the BJP has removed both its spokespersons, both of them have also apologized, but the matter is heating up. While India is demanding the arrest of Nopur Sharma, many countries like Malaysia, Kuwait and Pakistan have also condemned the comments made on the Prophet of Islam. While Naupur Sharma commented during a TV debate, another leader Naveen Jundal posted a controversial comment on Twitter.

The Government of India, meanwhile, has made it clear that such views belong to only a few elements and do not represent the views of India. India also explicitly rejected the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) statement, which described India as “unfair and narrow-minded”.

Earlier, the ruling BJP had suspended spokesperson Nopur Sharma and fired media in-charge Naveen Jundal over remarks. The party issued a statement emphasizing its intolerance for insulting any religious figure.