Vegetable prices have come down these days. Prices of lemons, which were skyrocketing last April, have also come down. A few days ago, lemons used to be sold in bulk at Rs 250 to 300 per kg, but now the wholesale price has gone up to Rs 100 to 120 per kg. Ordinary people have breathed a sigh of relief at the fall in lemon prices. Talking about the wholesale prices of vegetables, good ghee is being sold at Rs. Prices of hybrid cucumbers, pitha and tande are also running at Rs 3 to 4 per kg. However, some good varieties of Tunda are also being sold at Rs. 7 to 8 per kg.

Disappointment spread among the vegetable growers.

Now, however, vegetable growers are frustrated because they are not finding buyers. The sharp fall in vegetable prices has left vegetable growers frustrated. While retailers are earning two to three times the profit. The world is that the vegetable growers who cultivated ghee, cucumber and tanda etc. They can’t even find buyers in the markets and they are forced to give their vegetables to helpless animals.

There are very few buyers of vegetables.

Market broker Vijay Kumar, Bharat Bhushan said that vegetables are being produced on a large scale and there are very few buyers of vegetables due to which vegetables are being sold cheaply. The government should also make a policy for vegetable growers so that they are not harmed.

These are the prices of okra, bitter gourd, onion, towel, eggplant

Bhindi, which was selling at Rs 20-25 per kg a few days ago, is now selling at Rs 8-10 per kg. Cucumbers are also being sold at Rs 5 to 8. Zachary is selling at 6 to 8 per kg. Onions added to all vegetables are being sold at Rs 8 to 10 per kg. However, bitter gourd, eggplant and other vegetables are still being sold at reasonable prices.