PM’s direct visit to Nepal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the Buddha Jayanti program in Lambini. Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was also present. Addressing the people present on the occasion, PM Modi said that Nepal is a country that preserves the civilization and culture of the world. Our devotion to Lord Buddha makes the two countries a family. The growing global friendship between India and Nepal as we see it today, our closeness will work in the interest of all humanity: PM

Highlights of PM Modi’s speech

  • The opportunity I got to visit Maya Devi Temple some time ago is unforgettable for me. Where Lord Buddha himself was born, energy and consciousness are a different feeling.
  • I was happy to see that the model of Mahabodhi tree that I presented at this place in 2014 is now growing into a tree.
  • In Janakpur I had said that our Ram is incomplete without Nepal, I know that today when the great temple of Lord Shri Ram is being built in India, the people of Nepal are just as happy.
  • Nepal, the land of the world’s highest mountains, Sagar Matha, Nepal, the land of many sacred temples of the world, Nepal, the land of ancient civilization and culture of the world is comfortable.
  • The construction of the Lumbini Museum in Nepal is also an example of joint cooperation between the two countries. And today we also decided to establish the Dr. Ambedkar Chair for Buddhist Studies at Lumbini Buddhist University.
  • The place where I was born, Woodnagar in Gujarat, was a great center of Buddhist learning centuries ago. Archaeological remains are still being excavated and are being preserved.
  • Buddha was born in Lambini as Siddhartha, on the day of Vishakha Purnima. On that day he became a Buddha, he attained enlightenment and became Lord Buddha. And on that day his Mahapri Nirvana took place in Kashi Nagar.