PM’s life threatened Prime Minister Modi’s security abolition is completely fabricated, says Sammilita Kisan Morcha. PM Modi’s security breach: PM’s life threat is completely fabricated – United Kisan Morcha

The United Kisan Morcha said it was clear from the video of the event that the protesting farmers had made no attempt to reach the PM’s convoy.

PM Modi's security breach: PM's life threat is completely fabricated - United Kisan Morcha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy got stuck on the flyover on its way to Ferozepur.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to Punjab, the Sammilita Kisan Morcha on Thursday said that after receiving the news of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposed visit to Punjab on January 5, the United Kisan Morcha will contact the United Kisan Morcha. The 10 farmers’ organizations involved staged a symbolic protest against the arrest of Ajay Mishra Tenny and other outstanding demands. To this end, protests and burning of puppets were announced on January 2 at village level across Punjab and on January 5 at district and tehsil headquarters.

He also said that there was no plan to stop the Prime Minister’s visit or disrupt his program. As per the pre-arranged schedule, peaceful demonstrations were held on January 5 in every district and tehsil headquarters of Punjab. When some farmers were prevented by the police administration from going to the district headquarters of Ferozepur, they protested on the road in many places, including the flyover of Payraina where the Prime Minister’s convoy came to a halt. The protesting farmers did not have any specific information about the Prime Minister’s convoy. He got this information from the media after the return of the Prime Minister.

‘PM’s life threat is completely fabricated’

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The United Kisan Morcha said it was clear from the video of the event that the protesting farmers had made no attempt to reach the PM’s convoy. Only one party, Narendra Modi Zindabad, says the BJP’s flag has been hoisted to the convoy, so the threat to the PM’s life seems completely fabricated.

He further said that it was a matter of great regret that to cover up the failure of his rally, the Prime Minister had tried to sabotage both the Punjab state and the peasant movement by using the pretext of saving his own life. The whole country knows that if there is a threat to life, farmers like Ajay Mishra Tenny become criminals and roam freely as ministers. The United Kisan Morcha expects the Prime Minister of the country not to make such irresponsible remarks in view of the dignity of his position.

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