PM Narendra Modi’s biopic: Trailer to come today, Vivek’s father Suresh Oberoi also has a special role

The trailer of PM Narendra Modi’s biopic will come in the afternoon, before that the news of Suresh Oberoi’s role has come.
PM Narendra Modi's biopic: Trailer to come today, Vivek's father Suresh Oberoi also has a special role

The trailer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic ‘PM Narendra Modi’ is going to be released today. Earlier, it was reported that Vivek Oberoi’s father Suresh Oberoi had also acted in the film. Vivek is playing the lead role in this film i.e. ‘Narendra Modi’. It is said that his father Suresh Oberoi will play the role of a saint. This is a fictional character, but very important.

Please be informed that this movie was supposed to be released on 12th April. Now it is being installed more quickly. It will be released a week ago, on April 5. Apparently this is being done to take advantage of the electoral environment. Producers will also benefit from this release and the promotion of Narendra Modi will also increase.

Earlier, the film was released after the start of the voting period. April 11 First round of voting. Now it will come before the voting period. Recently, its second poster was supposed to be released on March 18, but the event was postponed due to the death of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. The makers have released another poster today. The conscience is seen around the children.

Some looks of Modi-turned-conscience Oberoi were released yesterday. Conscience is seen in nine different styles.

Incidentally, its promotion has been going on for about two months. Recently, the process of appearing in front of the characters has stopped. Earlier, news of a scene has also come. One Sunday, director Omang Kumar filmed the scene of the Godhra attack on Sunday, where a bogie of a train was burnt to ashes. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time of this incident. Western Railway assisted the team in filming this scene. The shooting took place on the narrow gauge line of Bishwamitra railway station. The interior of this scene of Sabarmati Express is being shot separately in Mumbai.

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Bowman was introduced to the Iranian character a few days ago. Bowman has played the role of ‘Ratan Tata’ in this film. In the released pictures, he is seen traveling in a private jet.

Earlier, he was introduced as an industrialist. Prashant Narayanan is doing this character. As the producers say about this character, it is a negative character and the biggest businessman in the country. Let me tell you, many characters have come to the fore in the last ten days.

Zarina Wahab is playing the role of Modi’s mother Hiraben Modi. In this regard, Zarina said that she is proud that she is playing the role of Modi’s mother. He considers it the most special role of his life. Earlier, the role of Amit Shah was announced, Manoj Joshi is doing.

Vivek Oberoi is playing the role of Prime Minister Modi in the film. People are very fond of Modi look of conscience. However, there is a character in the film for which people were eagerly waiting. The name of that particular character has been revealed. That special character belongs to Yashodaben, the wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We tell you that actress Barkha Bisht has been cast for the role in Modi’s biopic.

Let me tell you, actress Barkha Bisht is a TV artist. Barkha has openly discussed his character in the film. “We will shoot the biopic of Prime Minister Modi in Ahmedabad,” Barkha said. When I was approached for this character, I was very happy. I am very proud to be associated with this photo. I have started reading about Yashodaben by collecting sources from here. This character is very challenging for me, because very few people know about Yashodaben. I have to learn to speak Gujarati to make this role come alive and effective. You will see many shades in this character of mine.

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Vivek, who played the role of Prime Minister Modi in the film, believes that this character is an important character in his life. We tell you that Vivek Oberoi has worked hard to look like Prime Minister Modi. The film was shot in Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Posters of the film have been released in 23 languages. The photo team has been working on this project for the last two years. The film is directed by Omang Kumar. The film is being produced by Sandeep Singh.

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