PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office: Strong Lead, Lost Arjun’s Film

PM Narendra Modi’s movie revenue has been increasing at the box office for two days, now it has to maintain that momentum even on Monday.
PM Narendra Modi Movie Box Office: Strong Lead, Lost Arjun's Film

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had a wonderful weekend. Every day this picture has taken a long leap. Despite having only 1200 screens, its total revenue in three days is Rs 11.76 crore. Friday’s revenue started with Rs 2.88 crore. Then on Saturday it got Rs 3.76 crore. On Sunday, a huge amount of Rs 5.12 crore came in his pocket.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic Arjun Kapoor’s film ‘India’s Most Wanted’ has been badly beaten which has been released along with it. ‘India’s Most Wanted’ has earned only Rs 8.66 crore in three days. The foreign film ‘Aladdin’ released on Friday is in front. It was also rumored that the film would get a huge boost as soon as Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister again. The film received average, low praise in the reviews.

Its publicity was extraordinary. The environment was created for this for a long time. Attempts were also made to release it before the vote for the benefit of the people, but the Election Commission stopped the release.

Vivek Oberoi has dominated the recently released new trailer, playing the role of Modi. In this trailer, Manoj Joshi is seen in the role of Amit Shah and Boman Irani is also seen.

Earlier, it was released on April 12. Later the date was changed to 5th April. But it could not be released as the Election Commission ordered it to be closed and released after the vote. Now the film is being released on April 24.

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Suresh Oberoi is also in it. Vivek’s father Suresh Oberoi is said to be playing the role of a saint.

The campaign has been going on for about four months. Bowman got the role of ‘Ratan Tata’.

Prashant Narayanan has played the role of an industrialist. Being said to be of this negative character and the biggest businessman in the country.

Zarina Wahab is playing the role of Narendra Modi’s mother Hiraben Modi. Manoj Joshi is playing the role of Amit Shah.

Actress Barkha Bisht has played the role of Narendra Modi’s wife Yashodaben.

It is produced by Sandeep Singh. Shooting has taken place in Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This biopic is directed by Omang Kumar.

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