Ahmedabad Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that Gujarat is fed up with the BJP and its sister Congress. The BJP is afraid of you, so its state presidents don’t even take my name. He said that BJP has only one medicine, Aam Aadmi Party.

Arriving at Mehsana in North Gujarat to attend the road show, Chief Minister Kejriwal said that the AAP had launched the Tricolor Yatra in all the 182 seats in Gujarat. He claimed that people had told AAP leaders that if they spoke against the BJP, they would threaten the party. Kejriwal said that now the people of Gujarat need not fear, AAP is coming to Gujarat in next 6 months.

Kejriwal directly satirized BJP president CR Patil saying that he was afraid of him, so instead of mentioning my name, he said, “A man comes from Delhi, he is Mahathag”. Kejriwal warned that if you have the guts, show Patil’s name. He said that the best schools have been built in Delhi, hospitals have been built well, electricity is free, if you want it in Gujarat too, bring it to the party.

Kejriwal said that the people of Gujarat know who the thugs are. He said that Bhupinder Patel is the Chief Minister and the real CM is running the government. You are a party of true patriots, honest and nationalists. Kejriwal alleged that the BJP in Gujarat pays money to Pana chiefs, this time he will take money from the BJP and work for you. Along with Kejriwal, AAP Gujarat convener Gopal Italia, former MLA Andranil Rajya Guru and Bharatiya Tribal Party leader and MLA Mahesh Vasava also appeared in the road show.

Gujarat also give one crore to martyrs.

Raising the issue of demand for ex-servicemen, Kejriwal said that ex-servicemen in Ahmedabad were sitting on sit-in for their demands, which was not a good thing. One crore is given to the family of the martyr in Delhi. The Gujarat government should accept all the demands of the ex-servicemen and announce one crore rupees for the family of the martyr.