People are commenting that Sonam started trolling after marriage

Kareena Kapoor also came to the troll’s turn due to her dress at the reception held on Sonam’s wedding night.
People are commenting that Sonam started trolling after marriage

Yash Mathur. Sonam has become accustomed to being a troll. Even though she is married, she has been trolled for applying her husband’s surname. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about Sonam’s marriage, the target is to change her name, to put her husband Anand Ahuja’s surname in front of Sonam Kapoor. She is now Sonam Kapoor Ahuja.

What happened so soon Sonam-

He is being widely criticized on social media for changing his name. People say that you always talk about equality of women, then why are you in such a hurry to put your husband’s surname in front of your name? People are questioning that these steps of yours will not put pressure on girls who refuse to change their names after marriage, now it can be said that actresses like Sonam Kapoor also changed their names after marriage.

Activist and writer Taslima Nasreen also tweeted, “Will Anand Ahuja change his name to Anand Ahuja Kapoor?” Soon after the marriage, Sonam Kapoor added her husband’s title in front of her name on all her social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Kareena also became a target-

At the reception, Sonam wore a white and gray lehenga designed by her favorite fashion designer Anamika Khanna. The message on WhatsApp also got a lot of circulation describing her lehenga as a screen design. Kareena Kapoor was also caught by trolls at the reception held on her wedding night.

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Kareena came wearing a gold colored dress designed by designer Manish Malhotra but her fans did not like her look. One user wrote that Kareena looks sick to you and one fan even wrote that you look older than you look.

Happy Birthday Troll

Sonam Kapoor was also trolled to wish her sister Riya Kapoor and her co-star Fawad Khan on their birthday in ‘Khoobsurat’. Sonam Kapoor’s sister Riya Kapoor’s birthday was on March 5, when Sonam Kapoor posted a picture on Instagram to wish Riya Kapoor a happy birthday. Sonam Kapoor became the target of social media users after the picture was posted. Indeed, on 24 February the goddess also died. In such a situation, some users started trolling Sonam after seeing her family celebrating, and even after her death at home, they called it a show-off of celebrities. Similarly, on actor Fawad Khan’s birthday, when Sonam Kapoor greeted him, the troll even said why don’t you go to Pakistan?

Wrong answer, Sonam line spot

Once Sonam, showing her math knowledge, gave a wrong answer to a riddle on Twitter, she was trolled. In fact, Filmfare Magazine editor Jitesh Pillai posed a puzzle on social media about how many triangles there are in a picture. Sonam quickly replied. Just then, Twitter users spotted Sonam. Many have written that Sonam should go and do tuition, while others have linked her with Ruby Roy, a fake topper from Bihar. Sonam soon admitted her mistake and tweeted, ‘I am very bad at maths. As soon as I tweeted this, I knew I was wrong and still didn’t know the right answer.

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Put the wrong map on Twitter –

Though Sonam wants to say something good, the trolls always find out some of her mistakes and Sonam’s criticism started on social media. Once Sonam wrote an article and shared some of it online, it made a difference and Sonam was trolled. People wrote, ‘If only Sonam Kapoor’s father had forced her to sing the national anthem.’ Even when Sonam posted the wrong map of India on social media, there was a lot of trolling.

In fact, Sonam, along with her sister Riya Kapoor, has launched a designer clothing brand and shared a map of India in a promotional post, stating which city in India has their shop. Kashmir is missing from the map of India. Sonam later deleted this post. Sonam’s friend Swara Bhaskar recently shared a video. Sonam is seen in a bikini in this video. As soon as this video went viral, people started trolling Sonam and Swara scolded her.

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