Patients with five or more symptoms of corona have a higher risk of developing ‘long covid’

New Delhi: Generally, two people with corona do not necessarily have the same symptoms. The symptoms of corona seen in them may determine the severity of the infection. Severe infections in coronavirus patients can also increase the risk of ‘long covid’. This means that people who have recovered from corona will see symptoms for weeks or even months. Especially in the high risk group of corona, such as the elderly, overweight people, asthma patients may be at risk of ‘Long Covid’. In addition, those who have more than five symptoms of Covid-19 in the first week are also at the highest risk. This has been claimed in a study conducted at King’s College London.

A study by King’s College London found that one in 20 people is sick for eight weeks. The study further reported that corona symptoms were found in patients without symptoms or mild symptoms, which could last for several months. This situation is long cowardly. The study, conducted by King’s College London, found that people who showed five or more symptoms in the first week of a corona infection had a higher risk of developing chronic covidosis.

The study, conducted on about 4,000 patients in the United Kingdom and Sweden, found that one in four people experience coronary heart disease, which can occur after recovery. These side effects can be mild or moderate in nature or have neurological effects. Another study conducted last week in the UK also found that a person’s age, respiratory health, gender and weight can also determine the likelihood of a long covid.

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A study conducted at Oxford University in the United Kingdom found that patients who recovered from corona had been infected with coronavirus for several months. Fatigue is common among people who struggle with long covid. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, headache, muscle and joint pain, vision problems, loss of sense of smell and taste, depression and anxiety. Also seen in people who have struggled with long covid.

Heart, lung, kidney and liver are also at risk for coronary heart disease. Research from Oxford University on Long Cowid says that
– Patients continue to have problems after recovering from corona
– Lungs and heart do not work properly
– 64 percent of patients have shortness of breath
– 26 percent of patients have heart problems
– 29 percent have kidney problems and 10 percent have liver problems.

In a study by King’s College, researchers made another interesting observation. Patients who have delayed corona test or who have made a mistake in the test are also more likely to develop post-covid symptoms. Interestingly, corona symptoms in the first week can be classified into six different types of infections, which can further determine which ones are at risk of a mild or severe infection.

Another study shows similar results in this regard. The study, conducted at a hospital in Rome, found that 87% of 143 patients showed many symptoms two months after recovery. These patients were found to have symptoms such as cough, muscle aches, fatigue, diarrhea as well as lung, heart and kidney problems. A study published in the American Medical Association Journal JAMA found that fatigue was the most common symptom in more than half of the patients with chronic covid.

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