New Delhi – ‘The ‘King Richard’ actor, who is currently on a ‘spiritual journey’ in India, did not personally apologize to Chris Rock for the slapping incident during the 94th Academy Awards. Chris Rock is currently concentrating on his work. All conversations surrounding the event between her and Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars. Actor Will Smith is currently in India and is reportedly on a “spiritual journey” for meditation and yoga. His visit to India comes almost a month after the infamous ‘slap’ incident during the Oscars 2022 awards ceremony. Many Hollywood insiders are rolling their eyes because Smith, 53, insists his visit is part of his commitment. I have worked to ensure that I never again allow violence to go beyond reason. ,

A source told ET that Chris was “grooved” in his work and was creating content for an upcoming Netflix special and did not address Thappad in person – although he did have family members. Including his mother Rosalie. , And his brother and fellow comedian, Tony. Unexpectedly, Will Smith denounced 2022 Oscar host Chris Rock for an ‘uncomfortable’ joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith about alopecia. However, shortly after the incident, when Smith went on stage to collect his Oscar for “King Richard”, he apologized to the academy for his behavior. “Will’s ‘spiritual journey’ to yoga and meditation seems disturbing and ridiculous in India because he did not personally apologize to the person he attacked in front of millions of people,” said an insider.

Chris is really in a mess right now and is preparing content for the Netflix special He continues to focus on his show and does not address the slap in person, but he is very close to his mother and respects her words. “” The truth is that the attack really did affect a lot of people, not just Chris. His mother will be out to see a show soon. Meanwhile, his wife, Jada Pinkett, is embracing the same personal growth – praise, saying last week, “The Smith family is focused on deep healing. Some of the discoveries around our treatment will be shared on the table in time” – with the help of his Facebook show Red Table Talk Plug. Representatives from Smith and The Rock did not comment.

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The actor landed at Mumbai’s Kalina Airport on Saturday where he was spotted in a white T-shirt. A People’s Report claims that Will Smith is “on an internal journey” after the infamous slap incident with Chris Rock. Asked how the academy handled the situation, Rose said, “I won’t take his prize, and I won’t. I don’t see any good way they can get him out without a hitch.” That night, Will won his first Oscar for playing Richard Williams in King Richard, and although it is not clear what the academy’s reaction would be to the incident, earlier this month, they decided to ban Will. – who resigned from the academy. Immediately after the debate – from participating in any program – personally or practically – for the next 10 years.

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