On the first night of marriage, every girl thinks about these things in her mind

Mumbai – Marriage is a special day in the life of every girl. After marriage, new life begins in the house of father-in-law. In that case, have you ever wondered what the bride thinks when she first goes to her father-in-law’s house? Although it is very difficult to read the mind of the bride, we are trying to tell you.

What do girls think
1) Every girl thinks that now she is away from her parents, now she has to go to her mother’s house as a guest, but the day after marriage is a special day in her life. The girl has to step in front of her father-in-law’s house on this day. The girl thinks that one should not make the mistake of making everyone angry on the first day.

2) The girl thinks that she does not know what her life partner will be like. Life will be better. Nowhere did the parents choose the wrong husband. Will his wife be able to meet the expectations set in him?

3) 55% of 100% girls think that if I get married prematurely it is wrong, or it will not affect her career.

4) The girl also thinks of changing herself a little, like she used to live in her house, she thinks of changing everything in life. So that there is no obstacle in life.

5) Every boy and girl speaks openly, trying to understand each other, in such a situation it goes to the mind of the girl that if she does not say something wrong which she should not have said or should not have said.

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6) It often happens that husband and wife do not have sexual intercourse with each other on the night of marriage. So they think it should start the next day. That is, they think about sex.