Nuneet Rana: The controversy over reading Hanuman Chalisa outside the Chief Minister’s residence in Mumbai is not over yet. The latest news is that the Rana couple, namely independent MP from Amaravati, Nunit Rana and her independent MLA husband Ravi Rana appeared in court again on Wednesday. The production is significant as the Mumbai police have charged both of them with breach of bail and have filed a re-arrest petition in the court. It is alleged that even after being persuaded by the court, Nonit Rana spoke to the media on the issue which is a violation of the court.

The Rana couple was granted conditional bail by Special Judge RN Rokre on May 4. Both were arrested on April 23. Mumbai police had charged the couple with sedition under Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Politics has been going on since then. After coming out on bail, Nuneet Rana had allegedly openly challenged Chief Minister Adu Thackeray, saying, “I challenge you to stand against me in any constituency and win the election, because you want women.” ۔ Will show you

After that, Nonit Rana visited Delhi and met senior BJP leaders. He also arranged for the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa in Delhi. Meanwhile, Nunit Rana and her husband targeted the Adu Thackeray government while giving an interview to the media.