Norovirus in India: Corona epidemic was not completely eradicated in the country, a new problem is being heard. Two primary school students in Travancore Puram, Kerala were found to be infected with the Noro virus. Vomiting, diarrhea and fever are the symptoms of this disease. The norovirus is highly contagious and spreads through contaminated food, water and surfaces. Kerala Health Department officials said that samples of some more patients have been sent for testing. Initially, it was thought that the food distributed in the schools caused food poisoning among the students.

Education Minister V. Shiven Kitty has called a meeting of officials to consider what steps should be taken to secure the mid-day mail. In November last year, more than a dozen students at a veterinary college in Waynead became infected with the virus.

Statement by the Minister of Health – No worries.

According to Kerala Health Minister Veena George, two cases of norovirus have been confirmed in Vajnajam. No need to worry. The health department has reviewed the situation. Samples from the area have been collected and tested and necessary steps are being taken. Both children are in stable condition.

780 confirmed cases of monkey pox in 27 countries: WHO

Meanwhile, the threat of monkey pox remains. The WHO said Sunday that 780 cases of monkey pox have been confirmed in 27 non-native countries around the world. Non-native countries are the ones where the disease has come from outside.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that since May 29, the number of cases of monkey pox in non-native countries has increased by more than 203%. The WHO said that between May 13 and June 2, the total number of cases of monkey pox in these countries increased from 257 to 780. Thus, there is an increase of 523 in them. So far, however, no deaths have been reported in these countries due to monkey pox.