Newborn Care: 7 Common Mistakes Parents Make Every Time

Newborn Care: 7 Common Mistakes Parents Make Every Time

Mumbai: ‘Newborn Care Week’ is celebrated every year from 15th November to 21st November This week is entirely dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of survival and development of a child. The first 28 days of a baby are important for his survival and lay the foundation for the baby’s development.

According to the data, 25 out of a thousand babies die within 28 days of birth and therefore it is very important to spread awareness about newborn care. Let’s take a look at the mistakes that parents usually make.

Take extra care
It is normal for your child to be anxious, although at this point most parents make the mistake of taking extra care. Parents begin to take extra care of the child’s health and safety. There is no doubt that babies need 24-hour care, but doctors believe that taking extra care can be harmful.

Need to buy a cage for the baby
Not buying a cage for a baby can be the biggest mistake parents make. Doctors recommend that the cradle should always be used for children, as sleeping in the same bed with their parents increases the risk of ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ (SIDS).

Don’t let the kids cry
According to doctors and health experts, crying is an important part of a baby’s development. They say that a baby can cry even when it is completely healthy and those who have become parents for the first time do not know much about it.

Get enough rest and sleep well
A newborn sleeps about 18-20 hours a day, however, they sleep only a few hours several times a day, which is a problem for parents. For first-time parents, doctors recommend that while their baby is sleeping, they should get proper rest and good sleep at the same time so that they feel refreshed and do not feel tired all the time.

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Sting the baby after eating
One of the most common mistakes parents make is not giving the baby a rash after feeding. Doctors advise that parents should not panic and should rash their child after each feeding, as it helps them a lot.

Do not neglect the fever
Many parents ignore the fever and think that it is normal for their children to feel a little hot. However, they should be aware that temperatures of 97.52F are considered normal in infants and young children. If the body temperature is higher than this, it should not be ignored under any circumstances. Fever can also be a sign of a serious illness.

Never give honey to a newborn
There is a tradition in many places where newborns are fed honey. However, children should not be given honey, as it contains bacterial spores, which are responsible for stomach infections.

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