Navjot Singh Sadhu was admitted to the hospital on Monday with a liver problem. He has been admitted to Hepatology Ward, Nehru Hospital Extension, PGI, Chandigarh. Congress leaders are currently under the care of doctors. His condition is stable. Earlier, Sadhu was brought to Chandigarh for a hepatology test. After being taken away from here, he was brought back to PGI. According to media reports, these tests took place in the morning. Seeing some trouble in them, Sadhu was brought back to PGI. After which he was admitted to the Hepatology Department.

Sentencing in road rage case.

Former cricketer Navjot Singh Sadhu has been sentenced by the Supreme Court to one year imprisonment in the 1988 Road Rage case. In fact, Sadhu had beaten up a man along with his friend. He died during treatment. However, the report revealed that the man died of a heart attack. Sadhu was acquitted by the lower court in the case, but was sentenced by the high court to three years in prison.

Challenged in court

Navjot Singh Sadhu challenged the decision in the Supreme Court. The court had imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 on Sadhu in the case. However, in May 2018, the victims, while hearing a petition seeking review of the court’s decision, sentenced the Congress leader to one year in prison.