Myocardial infarction: Find out what is myocardial infarction, do not ignore this danger

New Delhi – Thousands of patients are dying every day in the country due to corona virus. Fungal infections such as mucomycosis (black fungus) are now being found in patients with Covid-19, which is proving to be extremely dangerous. This is due to loss of sight and so far most cases have been reported in Maharashtra, Gujarat. According to doctors, the infection is mainly found in people who suffer from black fungus. Its mortality rate is up to 50 percent.

This new system is creating panic among the people. The disease is known as mucormycosis and is seen in all hospitalized patients. Gujarat has started setting up separate wards in the hospital for such patients in view of the fast growing number of cases of myocardial infarction.

What is Mucormycosis?
Now the question is what is mucormycosis. In fact, there are tiny fungi in the air called mycorrhizae. When the patient recovers from the corona breathes, these fungi settle in the lungs along with his sinus cavity. However, are these fungi or steroids responsible for the kind of problems that patients face after covid? No specific information has been found in this regard yet. But the kind of trouble that most people are describing makes it clear that they are somehow getting rid of this problem.

How to identify
Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the course of a black fungus infection, which can lead to changes in the appearance of the face, as well as the ability to feel and affect vital organs. When the black fungus shows its effects and sits in the sinus cavity, it causes constant pain and headache. Black fungus can attack a patient’s brain, lungs and even skin. Many patients have lost their sight due to this disease. There are also complaints of swelling and pain in the cheeks.

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Ways to prevent black fungus
According to health experts, black fungus can be avoided if certain things are taken care of. For this, diabetic patients and those who have recovered from corona need to keep an eye on their blood glucose. Be careful or stop using steroids at all times and doses. Use sterile water during oxygen therapy.

Stop using immunomodulating drugs. Use antibiotics and antifungal drugs with caution. Control blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia).

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