Must read: These 8 chemical rich things are damaging your kidneys and liver

MUMBAI: Did you know that our kidneys and liver are slowly being damaged by chemicals in our body? Toxic components of these chemicals are extremely dangerous for our body. Even those who follow a healthy lifestyle do not know how these chemicals are destroying the major organs of the body. Dr. Nandita Shah, the founder of Sharan India, has informed people about this through our ‘Fit Talk’ channel and advised them to use a minimum of things.

Inorganic foods made with the help of chemicals are very harmful for our body. Animals have a better ability to recognize it. But people can’t see such pesticides, so we buy them from the market. Once such chemicals enter the body, they directly affect our kidneys and liver.

Excessive chemicals are used in almost all packaged foods. Packets may contain chemicals in juices, foods, sauces, canned soups or anything else. You should use fresh food instead. It is safe to buy only single ingredients packaged in single ingredients like dried berries, beans or raisins.

Such chemicals are also used in food prepared in restaurants or food corners. Everything used to enhance the taste or flavor of food is rich in chemicals. An ingredient called MSG (monosodium glutamate) is used in Chinese foods, canned foods and processed meats, which we love. Remember that it is more important for a restaurant to earn more than your health.

Chemicals are also used in medicine to fight disease. In addition to this it is also found in many kinds of supplements. So many doctors advise the patient to stop taking the medicine as soon as the illness subsides.

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The toothpaste and mouthwash you use every morning to brighten your teeth and avoid bad breath contains lots of chemicals that enter our mouths directly. However, some Medicare toothpastes contain less chemicals.

These chemicals are found in personal care products such as hair dyes, perfumes, lotions, deodorants, talcum powders, cosmetics, shaving creams and sunscreens. Use less of them to stay safe from such chemicals present in them. Instead of such lotions and creams, you can use coconut or almond oil.

The chemical surface or inhalation of things like incense sticks, incense sticks used in worship, air fresheners, mosquito coils, pest control, detergents, window cleaners, bathrooms and toilet cleaners is entering our body directly. The harmful chemicals present in it are also dangerous for the respiratory system.

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