Reaction to Remarks: The issue of alleged controversial remarks of BJP leaders against the Prophet of Islam has reached the international level. The OIC criticized India for its remarks against the Prophet of Islam and called on the United Nations to ensure the protection of the rights of Muslims. On Monday, the Indian Foreign Ministry responded appropriately to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arundam Bagchi said that India strongly rejects the unnecessary and petty remarks of the OIC Secretariat. The Foreign Ministry spokesman added that it was “regrettable” that the OIC Secretariat had once again made “impressive, misleading and mischievous remarks”. This exposes the agenda which is against their interests.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arundam Baghchi clarified the government’s position on the issue, saying that some people had made aggressive tweets and inappropriate remarks against a respected person. But these comments do not in any way reflect the views of the Government of India. Strict action has already been taken against those involved, he said. He opposed the remarks of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and showed him the mirror. In its reply, India advised Pakistan to first look into its own pockets and stop atrocities against minorities.

Let me tell you that the anti-India forces are trying to create an atmosphere against the country on this issue. The OIC Secretariat called it an attempt to create an anti-Muslim atmosphere in India. The 57-nation body has also expressed concern over the safety of Muslims in India, citing issues ranging from the hijab dispute to other issues. By the way, India has clarified the situation with the help of representatives of all Muslim countries. While the party has suspended its national spokesperson Nopur Sharma for controversial statements, Delhi unit media chief Naveen Kumar Jundal has also been expelled from the party.