Mosswala case: Major revelation of Delhi Police, Lawrence Bishnoi is the mastermind of this crime

In the Sadhu Musa Wala murder case, the police have come to the conclusion that Lawrence Bishnoi was the mastermind of this murder.
Mosswala case: Major revelation of Delhi Police, Lawrence Bishnoi is the mastermind of this crime
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Sadhu Musa Wala murder case: Delhi Police has made a big revelation in the murder case of Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala. Delhi’s Special CPHGS Dhaliwal said the killing was premeditated and its mastermind was Lawrence Bishnoi. Delhi Police said that five accused have been identified in the case. Delhi Police have arrested Satish Hiraman Kamla alias Mahakal in the Sadhu Musa Wala case. He was not involved in the shooting but was close to one of the shooters involved in the killing. He has been remanded in the custody of Maharashtra Police for 14 days. “Together with Maharashtra police, we will also interrogate Mahakal,” Dhaliwal said.

Lawrence Bishnoi made several revelations.

After the murder of Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala, many new revelations have come to light in the interrogation of Lawrence Bishnoi in the special cell. The Special Cell’s inquiry found that Lawrence Bishnoi was pressuring Sadhu Musa Wala to sing. On his refusal, they conspired to assassinate Musa Wala. Lawrence and Goldie Barr wanted Musa Wala to sing for them, and Sadhu Musa Wala was threatened several times by Lawrence’s followers. Due to this, Sadhu Musa Wala came in contact with Devendra Bambiha Gang.

Investigative agencies have also received intelligence that Lawrence Bishnoi is trying to escape from custody or prison. Therefore, it is being kept under strict security during their remand and production. According to investigators, if he ever gets bail from the court, he may flee abroad. According to police, Lawrence’s brother Inmol is also under investigation but he is currently in Austria. The investigation also revealed that the weapon used in the assassination of Sadhu Musa Wala had reached the shooters from the northeastern states via UP.

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