Monsoon 2022: Meteorological department issues monsoon forecast, find out how it will rain this year

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Monsoon 2022: The meteorological department said on Tuesday that there is a possibility of more rain than the forecast issued earlier this year. IMD had forecast normal precipitation for the country in April, with a 99% chance of a long-term average. IMD has issued the estimate with a view to the arrival of the monsoon in Kerala three days before the normal date. Martyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), told reporters: “Precipitation is expected to be 103% of the long-term average this monsoon season. The chances of good rainfall in the country have increased this monsoon season. monsoon season save the scorching heat.

Monsoon reached Kerala on May 29

The monsoon in Kerala usually strikes on June 1, but this time it has reached May 29. IMD puts 96-104% of long-term average precipitation in the general category. This is the 50-year average (87 cm) of the four-month rainy season that begins in June.

These are current estimates.

Mohapatra released the latest long-term rainfall forecast for the current monsoon season, saying, “We see good rain in most parts of the country.” He said that Central and Peninsular India is expected to receive 106% of the long-term average rainfall, while the northeastern region is expected to receive less precipitation than normal. The monsoon reached the coast of Kerala on Sunday, two days earlier than usual.

Monsoon rainfall is expected to be average here.

Monsoon rains are expected to be moderate in the central region, where crops such as soybeans and cotton are grown. IMD said that Kerala, the best rubber-producing state in the south, tea-producing Assam in the northeast and rice-growing West Bengal in the east may receive less rainfall than normal. Agriculture contributes about 15% to India’s 7.7 trillion economy, while maintaining a population of over 1.3 billion.

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