Wrong use of sanitary pads can lead you to serious health problems, Read this to stay safe

Misuse of sanitary pads can lead to serious health problems, read on to stay safe

Mumbai: Choosing organic pads during the period is not everything According to experts, we need to take care of many more things, from the design of the pad to the change at the right time.

Women must take extra care of hygiene during the menstrual cycle but most of the time we do not know or do not take hygiene as a priority. So here are the things that women of all ages should keep in mind during their period during menstruation.

1. We should use pads with safety. Sanitary napkins should be changed every four to six hours. This reduces the risk of infection. Also, the quality of the pad you are using should be optimal.

2. In most cases it has been observed that women do not take care of the size of the pad when buying. You may encounter a fitting problem if the size is wrong. Sometimes it happens that even after the end of the period cycle, women do not know what size pad they should use. If the regular size napkin fills up quickly, you can also use a longer size pad.

3. You should use night pads for the night. Night pads are long and wide at the back, you should use them because regular pads can ruin your sleep. Try to understand the use of different pads after which you will not have to read this problem.

4. Many times we do not take care of the material used in the pad. Due to which some pads cause rashes on our skin. If you are struggling with this problem, take care of the materials used on your pad. If you have more problems, consult a gynecologist because if you have sensitive skin, you may face many problems.

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5. Some women use sanitation method according to different days of menstruation. She sometimes uses tampons, sometimes menstrual cups and sometimes pads. Try to use any one thing if you use it, do not switch between sanitation products as it may put you at risk of things like infection or rash.

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