Men are more prone to skin cancer than women, men refuse to wear sunscreen to protect their skin

New Delhi- According to NHS statistics, skin cancer affects men significantly more than women and the risk of dying from the disease is almost double. Since the 70’s, the death rate from skin cancer among men has tripled. In one study, 31 percent of men said they did not use sunscreen, compared to 15 percent of women. Dermatologists and other physicians and healthcare professionals are at the forefront of encouraging and strengthening their patients’ sun protection habits. Despite the beneficial effects of sunscreen in preventing skin cancer and premature aging, some sub-populations may lack adequate skin care habits, including SPF products.

The rate of non-melanoma skin cancer – which is usually less severe but still needs treatment – is higher in men. For example, men are identified as the least likely population to use sunscreen consistently. A new study further uncovers this trend and provides fancy insights into the effects of poor skin care habits on the skin characteristics of these individuals. Many women think of men and boys among their friends and family, who often suggest that they should use some sun lotion, only to turn from embarrassed to red because they create dangerous burns later in the day. In an exclusive interview with MDLinx, the two leading dermatologists provided insights into the gender disparity, suggesting that physicians could help close the gap.

Skin care tips
Using sunscreen, protective clothing and other protective practices, sun protection can play an important role in preventing skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. According to research, despite the benefits of sun protection, men are less likely than women to use SPF-containing products. Physicians are more aware of the benefits of using sunscreen and the potential risks of non-use in male patients. Needless to say, it may increase their use and help prevent skin cancer.

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