Meet Kabir Singh’s ‘Kam Wali Bai’, who captivated in just two scenes

Acting as a very fat maid, this actress is not really fat.
Meet Kabir Singh's 'Kam Wali Bai', who captivated in just two scenes

If Kabir Singh hits, another actor is getting his benefits. It is said to be made by Kabir Singh. The trailer also hints that Shahid Kapoor is running after his housemaid. This scene is so funny that everyone laughs. Shawn also made this ‘Kam Wali Bai’ famous. You will be really surprised to see real life pictures of this actor playing the role of ‘Made’.

The name of this actress is Binita Kharat. And believe me, he is thinner than what is seen in this photo. He seems to have caught the eye in just two scenes in this film and he should get a bigger and better role now.

Let me inform you that this movie has earned 100 crores in the ticket window. Even obstacles like the World Cup match and the ‘A’ certificate could not stop it. As of Tuesday, the total revenue of Shahid’s film has been Rs 104.90 crore. The audience is also appreciating it a lot. Kabir Singh has been released in 3123 screens in India. A hit film has all the qualities it should have. Its weekly income could be 125 crore rupees. 150 crore can be easily crossed, the target is 200 crore.

We tell you that ‘Kabir Singh’ is the official remake of the Telugu movie ‘Arjun Reddy’ released two years ago. It is directed by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga.

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