Mahi talks about her two and a half year old daughter, will get married soon

Mahir’s daughter lives in Mumbai and is cared for by her aunt.
Mahi talks about her two and a half year old daughter, will get married soon

Mahi Gill has always been rumored to be dating a businessman. Mahi, who is best known for her role as Paro in ‘Dev D’, said in an interview that she has been in a serious relationship for a long time. He further added that he has a daughter who is two and a half years old.

Mahi talks about her upcoming film ‘Family of Thakurganj’ and her personal life. Mahi says, ‘I am one of those who love freedom the most. We want to get married but it doesn’t matter. My boyfriend is not Catholic, he is a businessman. I also have a daughter named Veronica. My aunt takes care of her two and a half year old daughter in Mumbai.

He did not say about his daughter that he was adopted or Mahi gave birth to him. Mahi tried his best to stay in Mumbai to spend time with his daughter. Mahi said they need both freedom and space in their relationship. Marry her or not. What a difference it doesn’t make. We both respect each other. However, Mahi said that you can get married at any time.

Mahi Gill is discussing her courageous role in the film. Her performances as ‘Paro’ in ‘Dev D’ and as a wife in ‘Saheb, Bibi Or Gangster’ are most memorable. He has also worked with Ram Gopal Verma in films like ‘Not a Love Story’ and ‘Zanjeer’. He was recently seen in the web series Apahan. Mahir also has a role in ‘Dabang 3’. Mahi has done very few films in his career.

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