Lunar eclipse 2022 The lunar eclipse will start at 7.58 am and last till 11.25 am according to Indian time. The moon will appear red during a lunar eclipse, hence it is called Blood Moon. Since the lunar eclipse will start at 10:58 pm on Sunday 15th May and will end on Monday 16th May at 11:25 am. The lunar eclipse will not be seen in India but if you want to see the lunar eclipse live you can watch it from home.

Lunar eclipses will be seen in these countries.

The first lunar eclipse of the year will be seen in the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, Indian Ocean, North and South America, Pacific, South / Western Europe, South / West Asia, Africa, etc. If you want to watch the live telecast of the lunar eclipse, you have to go to NASA’s Facebook, YouTube or official website. A live lunar eclipse will be available here. This is a very easy way to watch Blood Moon live.

That is why a total lunar eclipse is called ‘Blood Moon’.

According to astronomers, a total lunar eclipse is called a blood moon because during a lunar eclipse the moon appears red. This celestial event occurs only once or twice a year. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon, the moon is briefly covered with the shadow of the earth and is invisible. This event is called a lunar eclipse. US space agency NASA has provided live stream of lunar eclipse. It will host an episode of NASA Science Live from 11 p.m. The lunar eclipse can be viewed live on NASA’s official pages Facebook, YouTube, NASA Television,