Lunar Eclipse 2022: The first lunar eclipse of 2022 is going to be on April 30 after the first partial solar eclipse of the year. According to space agencies, the lunar eclipse will be visible on May 16. People who want to see the first lunar eclipse of the year can do so considering the date and time. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and sun are in opposite directions to the earth. This year’s lunar eclipse will also cause the presence of Blood Moon.

Date and time of lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse will begin at 7:02 a.m. on May 16. Will end at 12.20 p.m. An astronomical event occurs when the moon goes into the shadow of the earth.

Two lunar eclipses in the year 2022

We tell you that there will be two total lunar eclipses in the year 2022. The first lunar eclipse will be on May 16 and the second on November 8.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in India.

The lunar eclipse on May 16 will not be visible in India. Although it will be seen throughout South America and the eastern parts of North America.

What is Blood Moon?

Blood Moon will also be visible during the lunar eclipse on May 16. It is a phenomenon that the moon appears red in a total eclipse. In fact, when the moon is completely covered behind the shadow of the earth. Then there is no sunlight. But the moon is not completely black. It looks like red. That is why it is also called the red or bloody moon.

Why red?

The gas in the earth’s atmosphere turns it blue. At the same time, the red wavelength crosses it. This is called Rayleigh Scattering. This makes the sky look blue and the sunrise and sunset look red. During a lunar eclipse, a red wavelength passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to the atmosphere, it faces the moon. Here the blue color is filtered. Due to which the color of the moon looks red.

How to watch a lunar eclipse on May 16?

A lunar eclipse will not be seen in India on May 16. The lunar eclipse can be seen on NASA’s Facebook, YouTube and Base websites.