LPG Cylinder Alert: Sometimes your gas cylinder runs out at night or runs out when you don’t have time to fill the cylinder and you get in trouble. LPG has become one of our basic needs today. People living in cities and towns in particular have become completely dependent on LPG cylinders for cooking. In this case, we are telling you how to avoid these situations. This will allow you to know in advance how much gas is left in your cylinder and you can book a new cylinder accordingly.

How to find out how much gas is in the cylinder?

To find out how much gas is in your cylinder, first soak a cloth in water and wet it. Now draw a thick line in the cylinder with this wet cloth. Then wait 10 minutes. Now the part of your cylinder that is empty, the water will dry up quickly and as far as gas is concerned, the water will dry up slowly. This way you can easily find out the amount of gas in your cylinder. In fact, the empty part of the cylinder heats up, so the water in the empty part dries up quickly and the gas filled part cools down, so the water in the hot part dries up late.

You can try these methods.

In addition to drawing a thick line of water, there are other ways to measure the amount of gas in a cylinder, but they do not specify the exact amount of gas. Many times women can even guess the gas burn by looking at the color of the fire in the gas burner. When the gas in the cylinder is low, the color of the fire changes from blue to red, but this method is not correct. You do not know how much gas is left and how long the cylinder will work. Many times we try to find the weight of the cylinder by lifting it, but even in this way we do not know the amount of remaining gas. Because even an empty cylinder is very heavy. However, the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder can be estimated by its weight.