LPG Cylinder Prices June 1, 2022: Fighting inflation is a relief for the common man. State-owned oil companies review LPG cylinder prices on the first of every month, and the latest news is that prices have dropped sharply for the month of June. Commercial LPG cylinder (19 kg LPG cylinder) has become cheaper by Rs. 135. From June 1, a 19 kg commercial cylinder will be cheaper by Rs 135. However, the price of 14.2 kg domestic cylinder will remain the same. In Delhi, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has come down from Rs 2,354 per cylinder to Rs 2,219. At the same time, a 19 kg cylinder in Kolkata will now be sold at Rs 2,322 instead of Rs 2,454 and in Kolkata at Rs 2,306 instead of Rs 2,171.50. In Mumbai and Chennai, the price has come down from Rs 2,507 to Rs 2,373.

LPG cylinder prices June 1, 2022: Prices doubled in May.

Prices of both domestic and commercial LPG cylinders in the country were hiked on May 19. This is the second time this month that prices have risen. The price of 14 kg domestic LPG has been increased by Rs 3.50 while the price of 19 kg commercial LPG has been increased by Rs 8 per cylinder.

International oil prices have risen this year since the Russo-Ukrainian war, most recently reflected in petrol, diesel, ATF and LPG prices. In view of the rise in international oil prices, it was speculated that LPG prices may also rise. However, the government has provided relief.

Since April 2021, the price of LPG cylinder has increased by Rs. 190. Earlier in March 2022, the price of LPG cylinder was also increased by Rs 50. Earlier, on October 6, domestic prices had risen.

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To check the price of LPG cylinder, you need to visit the website of state oil company IOC (https://iocl.com/Products/IndaneGas.aspx). Here companies issue new rates every month.