Live Gyanwapi Mosque: Pictures of 12 feet long Shaling shared by Hindu side, survey report will not be presented today

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Live Gyanwapi Mosque. It is becoming difficult to submit the survey report in the court today as the survey work has been completed in Gyanwapi Mosque. Sources said the court commissioner said it could take time to prepare the report. The court commissioner may ask for two days to prepare the survey report. Importantly, the fight for knowledge has now reached the Varanasi District Court as well as the Supreme Court.

The Anjuman-e-Insafia Mosque Committee has appealed to the Supreme Court against conducting the survey, which will be heard in the Supreme Court at 1pm today. The Anjuman-e-Insafia Mosque Committee appealed to the Supreme Court against the survey. The committee said in the petition that the lower court’s survey order was contrary to the 1991 law on places of worship.

The petition of the Muslim side states that according to the law of the place of worship, the status of all religious places should be maintained on 15th August, 1947. He was placed before a bench of Chief Justice NV Ramna on Friday, but there is a three-day vacation in the Supreme Court, so the appeal will be heard today.

The survey at Gyanwapi Mosque claimed that Shivling was found

Here, after a three-day survey at the Gyanwapi Mosque, the Hindu side claims to have found a Shivling. The Hindu side has also shared some pictures, stating that a well was searched near the idol of Nandi and a 12-foot shroud was found. Now the district court has issued a ban against going around Shivling. The three-day survey was videotaped from the dome of the Gyanwapi Mosque to the basement and the west wall. However, the survey report of Gyanwapi Mosque may be delayed. Today, it is becoming difficult to submit the survey report of Gyanwapi Mosque in the court.

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