Lesbian women get higher arousal than straight women, here are some useful tips

Mumbai: When we talk about couples, we usually think of a man and a woman. But parallel to this is another world which is a part of society, but some people are ashamed to accept them.

Lesbian couple means when two girls choose each other as partners. Not only abroad but also in India, many lesbian couples are getting married and living a normal life.

A recent study found that lesbian women are more likely than men to have intimate orgasms with men. In this study, 6500 men and women aged 21 to 65 years were included.

According to researchers at Indiana University in the United States, an average of 85 percent of men experience a climax when they have sex with a known partner. It is 63 percent among women. If we talk about lesbian women, 75% of the partners get orgasm during sexual intercourse. Women who are in direct relationships achieve 62 percent climax, whereas bisexual women achieve 58 percent climax.

Why are lesbian women having higher orgasm rates?
A big argument is being made that lesbian women are well aware of the parts of the body that arouse women. This is said to be one of the reasons why they are more successful in giving orgasm to their female partner.

A few tips for your relationship
Not only will your wishes be fulfilled all the time, but your partner’s happiness will also be taken care of. This strengthens the relationship.

When you build an intimate relationship with your partner, your partner’s wishes should also be taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter if you are a lesbian partner or straight, you must respect each other’s culture and traditions.

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Help your partner at work. To make your relationship lively and joyful, hug them, often holding their hand. You talk to your partner and try to understand his problem if he is not happy about the relationship. Try to make sure that your partner never suffers from inferiority complex.

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