Inflation is skyrocketing in the country and people’s lives are becoming difficult. First petrol, then lemons made me cry and now rising tomato prices are making people red. Petrol has made it difficult for people to travel, but now tomatoes have ruined the taste of vegetables on the plate. At the same time, the rise in prices of many other things has increased people’s anxiety today. Tomato prices have been steadily rising for the past few weeks. At present, the price of tomato has crossed Rs 80 per kg in many parts of the country and it is being said that it is likely to increase further.

Inflation is rising all over the world, find out the reason.

On the one hand, the prices of LPG and petroleum products are constantly rising in the country and on the other hand, food items and vegetables are also becoming more expensive. The burden of inflation on the common man is gradually increasing. But this situation is not only in our own country, people in countries like USA, China, Germany are also worried about rising inflation. Here are some key reasons why:

  • For the past two years, people have been spending almost nothing during the lockdown. In such a situation, inflation was not visible at that time. But as the economy opened up, demand began to rise and inflation broke decades-old records.
  • After 2020 Corona spread all over the world but China was free from it and its supply continued. The outbreak of corona in China since March has led to a sharp drop in production and exports. This has led to a shortage of many products around the world.
  • Russia and Ukraine are known as major producers of wheat. The war disrupted both production and supply. In such a situation, the prices of food items are increasing all over the world.
  • Russia has cut off petroleum and natural gas supplies to several European countries. The impact of the rise in prices of petroleum products was felt in all sectors.
  • Even after the end of the war, there will be food shortages in Europe. In fact, Russia’s natural gas is also used to make fertilizer. In such a scenario, the shortage of natural gas supply will also affect the ability to make fertilizers and grow grains. It will also affect food prices.

Shadows of inflation on social media

After lemons, people are sharing memes on social media regarding the sharp rise in tomato prices. People have started sharing their pain with laughter. Let us give you information about some of these best memes.