Khalistani flags at Assembly Gate in Himachal, AAP mocks BJP.

Khalistani flags at Assembly Gate in Himachal, AAP mocks BJP.

Khalistani flags in Himachal Pradesh: Khalistani flags were found at the assembly gate in Dharamshala. Slogans in Punjabi were also written on the walls.
Khalistani flags at Assembly Gate in Himachal, AAP mocks BJP.

Pure flag in Himachal Pradesh Pure flags were seen at the gate of Vidhan Sabha in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. In Punjab, pure slogans were also written on the walls of the assembly. The conspiracy was carried out in the dark of night. The security of the assembly has been beefed up after the matter came to light. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thackeray has ordered an inquiry. The Chief Minister has said that this is a reprehensible act. The government’s position in this regard is very clear. Those who do so will not be forgiven. In the darkness of the night flags were waved and slogans were written. If you have the courage, come in the daytime and do it.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party has surrounded the BJP on this issue. In the Delhi government, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “The whole BJP is trying to save a goon (Tejinder Pal Singh Baga) and the Khalistanis have gone there with flags. The government which cannot save the Legislative Assembly How will it save the people? It is a matter of Himachal’s reputation, it is a matter of national security. The BJP government has completely failed.

There are two Legislative Assemblies in Himachal Pradesh.

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thackeray said that Shimla and Dharamshala are the two Legislative Assemblies in Himachal Pradesh. Assembly work in Dharamshala is very rare. That is why security was low and conspirators took advantage of it. He denied that Khalistani supporters were now leaving Punjab and raising their heads in Himachal Pradesh.

Let me tell you that in the past, anti-Khalistan marchers were attacked in Patiala, Punjab. There was a commotion and a curfew was imposed. Ever since the Aam Aadmi Party government was formed in Punjab, the issue of Khalistan has once again come to the fore.

Read the statement of the pure flag SP at the gate of the assembly

After the matter came to light, Kangra SP Khushal Sharma rushed to the spot and after preliminary investigation said, “It must have happened late at night or early in the morning. We have removed the Khalistan flag from the assembly gate. This may be the movement of some tourists of Punjab. We are going to file a case today. The whole matter will be seriously investigated. Checking CCTV cameras.

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