Karwa Chauth 2020 : Moon rise timing in your city, also know how to give ardhya

Karwa Chauth 2020: When the moon rises in your city, learn how to pay half

Mumbai: Married women are fasting for the fourth time today. On this day women fast without water to wish their husbands longevity. From sunrise to moonrise this fast is done without eating or drinking anything, which is quite difficult. Women eat or drink something after seeing the moon. Due to the geographical diversity, the time of moon rise varies from place to place. So check out the moonrise in your state or city today.

Delhi – night 8:11, Noida – 08:12 pm, Gurugram – 08:13 pm, Chandigarh – 08:09 pm, Jaipur – 08:22 pm.

Lucknow – 8:04 PM, Varanasi – 7:58 PM, Kanpur – 8:07 PM, Gorakhpur – 8:09 PM, Prayagraj – 8:02 PM, Bereli – 8:08 PM, Agra – 8:16 PM, Mirat. – 8:14 pm, Faizabad – 7:59 pm, Jhansi – 8:18 pm, Dehradun – 8:10 pm, Gaya – 7:21 pm and Muzaffarnagar – 7:47 pm.

Bhagalpur – 7:42 pm, Ranchi – 7:52 pm, Gujarat – 8:44 pm, Orissa – 7:55 pm, Kolkata – 07:40 pm, West Bengal – 7:45 pm, Chennai – 8:32 pm, Bangalore – 8:40 pm, Chennai – 08:33 pm, Hyderabad – 8:33 pm, Coimbatore – 8:45 pm, Pune – 08:49 pm and Mumbai – 08:52 pm.

How to pay half-
If there is an unnecessary quarrel between husband and wife, pour lots of white flowers in the water and offer it. When love between husband and wife diminishes, mix white sandalwood and yellow flowers in water and offer offerings. If the marital life is interrupted due to the health of the husband or wife, then the husband and wife should offer offerings on the moon together, add a little milk and water intact. If there is distance between husband and wife for work or any other reason in life, offer water to the moon from the conch. Put itar (itar) in water and offer offerings.

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Special mantra of Karva Chauth
There is also a special mantra of Karva Chauth which is recited while looking at the moon at night. This mantra is: (“Soumyarupa Mahabhaga Mantraraj Dvijottam, Mum Purvakrit Papam Aushadhish Men Kshmsva.”) Which means, to soothe the mind, promoted by kind nature among Brahmins, Lord of all mantras and medicines, please forgive the sins committed in my past life.

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