Kanpur violence: Violence erupted in Kanpur after Friday prayers. Police arrested Hayat Zafar Hashmi for inciting violence. Hashmi is accused of inciting violence and inciting people. Police are currently questioning him. According to reports, through a Facebook post, Hayat had appealed to the people to close the market in the city and send the Bharu movement to jail.

18 arrested

Kanpur Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena gave more details in a press conference today (Saturday). told,

“Yesterday some people tried to spoil the atmosphere of the city. By taking action we have brought the situation under control. We have arrested 18 people. 3 FIRs were registered in this whole case.

Checking bank accounts

Mina said her bank accounts would be analyzed. Does it belong to another PFI or any other organization? It is being investigated. He will be produced in court today and remanded for 14 days. So far they have named 5-6 people.

Property will be confiscated.

He added that action would be taken against all of them under the Gangsters and NSA Act. Their property will be confiscated. “A total of 18 people were arrested,” the police commissioner said. Six people have been arrested today.