Kangana’s sister says, ‘Sunaina in danger, Roshan’s family is beating’

Rangoli tweeted three times and told the whole situation under what circumstances Sunaina was locked in the room.
Kangana's sister says, 'Sunaina in danger, Roshan's family is beating'

Like Kangana Ranaut, her sister Rangoli is not going to stop talking. Rangoli writes something on social media every day, which comes up for discussion. Recently Rangoli revealed and said that Kangana and Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina are good friends. Now he has given all the great information about Sunaina and also wrote openly about Roshan’s family.

Rangoli wrote in one tweet after another, ‘Sunaina has asked Kangana for help. Roshan’s family is physically abusing Sunaina for falling in love with a Muslim boy in Delhi. Sunaina was slapped by female police last week and her father raised his hand. The brother wanted to send him to prison. I am afraid that this dangerous family will not harm Sunaina. We are bringing this to the public because Sunaina is constantly calling Kangana and crying. Kangana doesn’t know how to help so her number is blocked. But we are worried about Sunaina’s safety. Everyone has the right to love .. I hope all these Roshan families are scared and they give up the pursuit of Sunaina. ‘

Earlier, Rangoli wrote last week.

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When Kangana Ranaut was recently asked about this, she said that it is true that Sunaina and I have always been good friends. There was a time when I had a good relationship with the Raushan family. Even though Sunaina Roshan keeps in touch with me today, I do not interfere in her personal affairs. Prior to the interview, Kangana’s sister Rangoli tweeted that Sunaina had been texting and calling Kangana for a long time. In fact, Sunaina wants to apologize because she could not support my sister in the case of Hrithik and Kangana.

Sunaina Roshan herself has said that she wants to be away from her family. Because, he can’t be constantly under the care of his parents Rakesh and Pinky Roshan. “I started to feel claustrophobic because my parents gave me too much protection,” she said. Admitting her friendship with Sunaina, Kangana said, “I don’t want to take advantage of her family feud.”

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