Kabir Singh Box Office: On the first day, there was no rain of money in any of Shahid’s films, huge income

Kabir Singh Box Office: In three days the film will cross 50 crores, can touch 100 crores.
Kabir Singh Box Office: On the first day, there was no rain of money in any of Shahid's films, huge income

As decided yesterday, Kabir Singh has earned a lot on the first day. The film has grossed Rs 20.21 crore on its first day. This is the highest gross for any picture of Shahid Kapoor. However, experts have been speculating from the beginning that the film could get Shahid Kapoor into the 100 crore club. The first day’s income came from all over the country. This is a good sign that the film is not making too much money at once. Single cinema halls are also full of multiplexes. Now expected from Saturday and Sunday. 50 crore will be crossed in these three days.

It was difficult to get tickets for yesterday morning’s show. The afternoon shows were great and the evening went well. Shahid Kapoor is the center of this photo and the youngsters have liked it very much. It was hoped from the outset that it would miss the launch of ‘Shandar’ (Rs 13.10 crore). On Thursday, the experts assumed that they would get eight crore rupees on the first day, but the huge crowd that came on Friday morning changed the atmosphere.

It’s also being praised in reviews and people are speaking out for it. In this case, it is possible to run a long time. On the other hand, ‘Bharat’ is in trouble, now the journey of Salman’s film will stop soon, because there will be less people to see him in Shahid’s film.

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Kabir Singh has been released in 3123 screens in India. It has the potential to easily earn Rs 20 crore on so many screens. It has received 493 screens abroad. Shahid is a college student and Kiara Advani is his girlfriend. In the story of ‘Kabir Singh’, the protagonist Jr. falls in love with a girl but one day his girlfriend marries someone else. The protagonist then becomes drunk and angry. The Hindi remake has made some changes to the story.

This movie has all the qualities that a hit movie should have. Its length is 2.55 hours. You have to go out and see the whole three hours of leisure. ‘Kabir Singh’ is the official remake of the Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’ which was released two years ago. It is directed by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga. Producer Bhushan Kumar of T-Series. Vijay Debrakonda was seen in the lead role in the southern ‘Arjun Reddy’.

The trailer of ‘Kabir Singh’ has been released on 13th May. Its teaser was more effective.

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