Kabir Singh 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: All Time Blockbuster, 48 Crores in 3 Days

Kabir Singh 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: Such speed in the ticket window is very rare, 200 crore can come in two days.
Kabir Singh 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: All Time Blockbuster, 48 Crores in 3 Days

It paid about Rs 50 crore in Kabir Singh’s second weekend. Big superstars don’t get this earnings in the ticket window on the second weekend. Take Salman Khan’s previously released film ‘Bharat’, this multistarrer was claimed for water in the second weekend. What Kabir Singh is getting is really earning. After earning Rs 12.21 crore on the second Friday, it made a huge jump on Saturday and earned Rs 17.10 crore. It received Rs 17.84 crore on Sunday, during a cricket match between India and England. Thus, its revenue in the last three was Rs 47.15 crore. This movie has proved to be the blockbuster of all time.

In the first three days it has crossed 50 crores. On the fifth day, it had Rs 100 crore in its pocket. 150 crore in 9 days and now it has surpassed 175 crore in the tenth day. The total revenue of this film is 181.57 crore rupees. 200 crore in two days.

The release of ‘Article 15’ three days ago made little difference but did not make much of an impact. The ‘A’ certified film is the official remake of the Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’ which was released two years ago. It is directed by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga, Sandeep also made the original film. Vijay Debrakonda was seen in the lead role in the southern ‘Arjun Reddy’.

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‘Kabir Singh’ was released on 3123 screens ten days ago, now in its second week it’s a little less space. This movie has surpassed many big hits released in 2019. ‘Kabir Singh’ is Shahid’s first solo film, grossing over Rs 100 crore. The audience is quite appreciative.

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