Jodhpur Violence: The city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is once again in a state of tension. A fight broke out between the youths of two communities in Sorsagar area of ​​Jodhpur on Tuesday evening after which a fire broke out. Suddenly tensions escalated to the point that police from five police stations had to take charge. After a quarrel near a sweet shop in Sorsagar police station area of ​​Jodhpur, two youths went away with another youth after which the matter escalated. CCTV footage shows a police officer arriving at the scene and fleeing from the quarreling youths. After that people from both the communities came out but the police reached the spot and took control of the situation and appealed to the people of both the sides to establish peace. There are reports of 2 people being injured who have been taken for treatment. So far 3 people have been arrested in this case. Considering the situation, Pratap Nagar Pratap Nagar President Sursagar Mandoor Ade Mandir Police Station area has reached the spot.

Section 144 in Jodhpur

As soon as the incident was reported, senior police officers and police from five police stations rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. In addition, people have been deployed to stay at home and additional forces have been deployed to restore peace. As a precautionary measure, section 144 has been enforced in Jodhpur’s Suit Jagran police station area and related area.

Due to controversy

An I-taxi evacuating a water camper near Sarsagar Ropautan Beera in Jodhpur collided with another vehicle, causing a quarrel and the quarrel turned into a fight and the quarrel between the two parties split into two communities. .

This area has been declared sensitive.

This area of ​​Sursagar in Jodhpur has been sensitive in the past where incidents of stoning and beating have been reported in Hindu-majority areas and in Muslim-majority areas. By the way, the police is always on alert mode in this regard, which is why the police force reached here as soon as the incident started, due to which no major accident could take place.